1. Is shipping free?

Yes, we offer free shipping with all orders within Canada & USA.

2. How does shipping insurance work?

We offer free shipping insurance for items under $1,000.

For purchases over $1,000, an additional coverage will be charged according to Canada Post's rate, which is $2.50 per additional $100.

3. Do you charge taxes on the items?

No. Items are priced as is.

4. What are your payment options?

We only accept Email Transfer Payment or PayPal Transfer with buyer/seller protection. 

5. How do you know if the items are authentic?

All our items are 100% guaranteed authentic. We authenticate through professional authenticators and authentication companies.

6. Do you have a store and/or website?

We do have a website, but we do not sell on it right now, for general information please visit our site at www.luxesavvycloset.ca

However all sales are made through our Instagram page, via email and Posh at the moment.

We do have an office offering by appointment only, but due to the pandemic, we currently do not offer this service.

7. Can you lower the price?

All prices are determined based on the condition and demand for the item. Prices are set and non-negotiable.

8. Can I exchange or return the items if I change my mind?

All sales are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges or trades.




Please contact us if you have any questions!